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  1. Travel-Worldwide Destinations
    Travel-Worldwide Destinations
    Discover hidden gems to visit and places most tourists don't see. Learn how to plan logistics for travel by rail, auto and private hire guides. Explore accommodation options, sightseeing do's and don'ts and best times to travel. You will get a wealth of information planning resources for the destination. Enchanting Cotswolds 2/1/18 10a-12p $25pp
  2. Travel-Booking on Internet Travel Sites
    Travel-Booking on Internet Travel Sites
    Maneuvering through the maze of travel websites is daunting. Who do you trust, what are the marketing tricks played on consumers, how do you know what you are purchasing? Gather tips from booking airline seats to making hotel reservations. Get the details on travel insurance. This class offers travelers a wealth of useful tools. Travel on Internet 2/17/18 10a-12p $25pp
  3. RV Travel Adventures
    RV Travel Adventures
    Planning to take to the roads in an RV? The series of RV classes will start with an Intro to RVing to tell you what the dealers don't. Take the additional classes for actual travel destinations to explore the USA to learn pros and cons of places to visit, getting there and what to see Get tips from experienced RVers Intro to RV Travel 2/10/18 10a-12p $25pp RV Travel West of Mississippi 3/9/18
  4. Quilting, Sewing and Needlework
    Quilting, Sewing and Needlework
    French Laid Embroidery with Sandra Mollon. Sandra is an award winning quilter, instructor and embroidery expert. This class will take you through varied steps to learn beautiful monogram embroidery. Don't miss this unique opportunity. 3/2/18 10a-2p (with break time) $40pp You will be emailed the supply list
  5. World of Foods
    World of Foods
    Olive Oil Seminar and Tasting You will be surprised what you don't know about olive oil. Get first-hand knowledge on olive oil production, flavors, uses and things the industry does not tell you! Lisa owns olive oil stores and has traveled to her suppliers in Europe and will share her knowledge. 2/23/18 1p-3p $35pp
  6. Historical Places and People
    Historical Places and People
    The Ghost of Mark Twain, McAvoy Layne Spend time with the beloved Mark Twain as McAvoy takes you back to the 1800s and the wit and wisdom of Samuel Clemens. McAvoy has been entertaining audiences from Russia to Europe, Nevada and California. Friday Evening 2/2/18 7pm $25pp Rudolph Steiner College 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95628
  7. Crafts and Hobbies
    Crafts and Hobbies
    Unique jewelry designs using vintage buttons with Frances Casey, jewelry designer. In this class you will make a beautiful bracelet and learn the art of producing a one-of-a-kind item worthy of gift giving or for yourself. Frances is well known in the Button Collecting world for her stunning necklace, bracelet and earring creations. Saturday 2/24/18 $35pp plus jewelry kit $70
  8. Gardening and Flowers
    Gardening and Flowers
    We all love flowers and our classes will focus on gardening tips you can use for the novice gardener. We will have unique learning opportunities for gardening as well as flower arrangements, herbs and vegetables. Simple and easy tips to help you as a part time enthusiast in your home. March TBA
  9. Tea Time
    Tea Time
    Ladies this is for you....topics for wellness, health, life lessons and meeting new friends. Our guest lecturers are varied and will provide you with helpful tips to enhance your well being. Our gatherings may include group discussions of books or conversations of interest to women. We will enjoy the talks over a cup of tea. March TBA

Our classes are always changing so keep checking our calendar for updates. 
 Do you have a special interest you would like us to pursue, email us!
  1. Trains  &  Motorcars
    Trains & Motorcars
    World of Trains Travel the rails on the great train journeys around the globe European Motorcar History Motorcar buffs love the car culture
  2.     Arts & Painting
    Arts & Painting
    Enjoy learning more about the art of the world with an art historian. Think you want to paint? Getting started with a painting hobby
  3.       Photography
    Just getting started on a new hobby of photography then you will learn about the art of taking pictures. For more advanced photographers we'll have a class for you.
  4.   Rubber Stamping
    Rubber Stamping
    Learn the art of Rubber Stamping to make lovely cards, letters, gifts and much more