1. The Truth about Olive Oil
    The Truth about Olive Oil
    Olive Oil Seminar and Tasting You will be surprised at what you don't know about olive oil! Get first-hand knowledge on oil oil production, flavors, uses and things the industry does not tell you. Lisa owns olive oil stores and has traveled to her suppliers in Europe and is on the Olive Oil Council at UC Davis, so will enlighten you on the Truth about Olive Oil. Watch for our next class
  2. Wellness: Health Lifestyle Changes
    Take time for your Health....learn how you can make small changes to your diet and lifestyle that have great impact on the way you feel. Discover interesting facts about foods and medications that damage your body. This class will make you have a new outlook on improving your everyday life in simple life changes to control stress and bad diets. Class date TBA
  3. RV Travel Adventures-Western USA
    RV Travel Adventures-Western USA
    Planning to take to the roads in an RV? Explore some of the great Western USA to learn about places to visit, getting there and what to see. Get tips from experienced RVers that can provide first-hand knowledge of what lies ahead on your journey. You will enjoy the great pictures and tips and get your questions answered.
  4. Quilting, Sewing and Needlework
    Quilting, Sewing and Needlework
    Watch for upcoming classes for quilters, sewing and needlework. We have some great crafters that love to share their enthusiasm for the talents and skills they have in their craft. June class TBA
  5. TRAVEL-The Czech Republic & Poland
    TRAVEL-The Czech Republic & Poland
    Let Cynthia take you across the Czech Republic to visit places most people never reach. Her travel to CZ is extensive and you will enjoy the diverse landscapes, castles, foods and wonderful towns and villages. Discover the Land of Chopin as you travel to the cities of Poland and learn about this interesting and culturally rich country. June Class TBA
  6. Historical Places-Lake Tahoe
    Historical Places-Lake Tahoe
    Mansions & Legends of Lake Tahoe Take a journey to Lake Tahoe and relive the Gilded Age. Escape the the world where a privileged few lived in the 20s and 30s. Learn of tales of the rich, even as the early 1900s. Discover some of the shady characters, key players and 21st century Lake Tahoe moguls. June class TBA
  7. Crafts and Hobbies
    Crafts and Hobbies
    Unique jewelry designs using antique buttons with Frances Casey, jewelry designer. In this class you will make a beautiful bracelet and learn the art of producing a one-of-a-kind item worthy of gift giving or for yourself (bracelet picture similar sample). Frances is well known in the Button Collecting world for her stunning creations. Class completed watch for future classes
  8. TRAVEL-Train Journeys of the World
    TRAVEL-Train Journeys of the World
    All Aboard! We will take the train on some exciting journeys around the globe in luxury and on historical railroads. You will cross Siberia, Africa, Europe and the USA. Explore options you may not have known about from short rides in high style or fun adventures. Join us for our rail journeys and a look at the possibilities for train buffs. June
  9. RV Adventures-Introduction
    RV Adventures-Introduction
    Just starting your RV Adventures or planning to be an RVer? You need this class to learn the ins and outs of how to plan what type of RV is for you. Learn information no one tells you about the glory and pitfalls of being a RVer. The instructor has traveled over 200,000 miles across the USA and can give you priceless facts that you won't hear anyplace else. Watch for class date
Our classes are always changing so keep checking our calendar for updates. 
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  1. Trains  &  Motorcars
    Trains & Motorcars
    World of Trains Travel the rails on the great train journeys around the globe European Motorcar History Motorcar buffs love the car culture
  2.     Arts & Painting
    Arts & Painting
    Enjoy learning more about the art of the world with an art historian. Think you want to paint? Getting started with a painting hobby
  3.       Photography
    Just getting started on a new hobby of photography then you will learn about the art of taking pictures. For more advanced photographers we'll have a class for you.
  4.   Rubber Stamping
    Rubber Stamping
    Learn the art of Rubber Stamping to make lovely cards, letters, gifts and much more