1. Cynthia Langhof-Travel Director
    Cynthia Langhof-Travel Director
    Cynthia is leading the SAC FunEd Group. Cynthia will teach the travel classes having been in the travel industry for over 35 years. She has expertise in travel around the world. She has owned tour companies, travel agencies and travel schools as well as worked for the airlines and internet travel providers. www.customdesignedtravels.com
  2. Carol & Dan Johnson-RV Adventurers
    Carol & Dan Johnson-RV Adventurers
    Carol and Dan have traveled the USA in every state, visited most all the National Parks and explored Canada and Alaska. Their RV is their home and they have taken it everywhere, over 200,000 miles and you will love their pictures. The classes are for beginners as well as seasoned travelers. Learn from the experts all the do's and don'ts of starting and info the RV Dealers don't tell you!
  3. Lisa Lubeley-Olive Oil Expert
    Lisa Lubeley-Olive Oil Expert
    Lisa is owner of 2 Chefs' Olive Mix Stores in Sacramento that feature high quality olive oils and balsamic from around the world. She is extremely knowledgeable on oils and offers great information during her seminars and olive oil tasting. She recently toured some of her suppliers in Spain and has first hand olive oil details . www.chefsolivemix.com
  4. Cheryl Anne Stapp-Pioneer Women
    Cheryl Anne Stapp-Pioneer Women
    Cheryl is a local historian with a special interest in Pioneer Women and frequently lectures on the topic. She is the author of 'Before the Gold Rush-The Sinclairs of Rancho del Paso 1840-1849; award winner "Disaster & Triumph'; 'Sacramento Women' and other books. She is a volunteer Docent at Sutteres' Fort Historic Park. www.cherylannestapp.com
  5. Sandra Mollon-Master Quilter
    Sandra Mollon-Master Quilter
    Sandra is an expert quilter and quilt artist. Her work has won many awards and she is recognized as an outstanding instructor. She has been quilting for over 30 years. Many of her applique' quilts are photo inspired. Sandra produces stunning embroidery work. Sandra's retreats and classes are always in demand. Watch for classes in May www.sandramollonquilts.com
  6. Frances Casey-Antique Button Jewelry
    Frances Casey-Antique Button Jewelry
    Frances has found a niche with Antique Buttons as she turns them into magnificent works of art. Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings are one-of-a-kind unique pieces. She is a great instructor and her classes are well organized and provide all you need in a kit. You will love this unique class and leave with a great treasure. www.buttonjewels.com
  7. Travis-Square Peg Home Remodeling
    Travis-Square Peg Home Remodeling
    What to know before you start planning a remodel in your home. Know what you are getting and how the costs are calculated. Find out how to determine the scope of work involved. Learn from an honest, reliable and respected contractor that has great reviews and projects to prove his work. www.squarepegremodeling.com
  8. Micki King -  Australia Specialist
    Micki King - Australia Specialist
    This travel journey is hosted by Micki King, a Certified Australia Travel Specialist. She is a seasoned travel agent and has traveled to Australia and New Zealand over 9 times. Her first had knowledge and great presentation skills will keep you interested and provide priceless information for travel to Australia. or to just learn more about the country. Watch for Class coming in May
  9. Gardening
    To Be Advised Soon